For Comtemporary head and eyes.


( To break. To re-create )

A fragment must as a miniature work of art be entirely isolated from the surrounding world and perfect in itself.

- Friedrich Schlegel

Prince Gautma, The Buddha, was protected from wordly imperfection within the protection of his palace by his father.
He once escaped that false world to see the world as it truly is, and realized that nothing is perfector permanent.

There is a Buddhist saying:“See Your Glasses Already Broken

.... meaning to visualize.

We stand in reality, we existing in the world filled with imperfections and impermanence.

Imperfections and in consistencies can enhance the appeal of a person, a place, an action or an idea.

“A mirror provides a mechanical reflection,
but the eye is selective and subjective.”

- Paul Nouge

Detachable Spectacles

This new and unique aesthetic designed for dynamic individuals with selective eyes.